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What do I need for my bankruptcy consultation with Attorney Dorna Taylor?

  • Complete the client consultation form. This will help us formulate a strategy for your specific financial situation. (Don’t worry, it’s a short form and can be completed quickly). Download the form by clicking HERE.
  • A copy of your paystub (if you receive one) and a copy of your spouse’s (even if they are NOT filing, we need to know your TOTAL household income).

What if I already know I want to file and want to get this started TODAY?

Many times, our clients have already researched and decided they do want to file a case and prefer to complete the process in one visit to save time. If this is your situation, you will need ALL the items listed above as well as the following:

  1. Proof of Income: pay stubs for 60 days’ worth (for salaried employees) and/or 6 months’ worth (for hourly employees) or SSI/disability, unemployment determination letter
  2. A copy of your last 2 months of banking statement (for all accounts)
  3. A copy of your most recently filed FEDERAL tax return (we do not need the state return)
  4. A certificate of Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling issues within the last 6 months
  5. State issued photo ID/driver’s license AND proof of your social security number (preferably the social security card)
  6. If you are being sued and have a judgment entered against you, or if you have any other pending legal actions, please bring those documents with you as well.

What is the Pre-Bankruptcy credit counseling class and where do I take it?

In order for your case to be VALID, you must show the court that you’ve researched all available options PRIOR to filing bankruptcy. Proof of this research is confirmed by a federally mandated credit counseling course. It is a simple interactive case that can be completed via internet or phone, through:

  • Cricket Debt Counseling: or 866-719-0400
  • Be sure to include attorney code 708547
  • The cost of this credit counseling is $24.00

Do I REALLY need to pull a credit report?

Yes, to provide an accurate list of your creditors and have a complete view of your financial situation, we need to see your credit report. You can obtain a FREE copy of your credit report by going to

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us at 404-507-2066 or