Practice Areas




Taylor and Associates LLC offers a number of services covering multi-disciplinary areas. With her extensive expertise and experience, clients are assured that Dorna is committed to provide the best legal solutions in order to plan their growth, protect their assets, and preserve their success.

Emerging Businesses

As you contemplate making your next business move, Dorna Taylor can help you make wise decisions to ensure your path forward. She and her team will guide you in setting up your company financial goals and objectives, increasing operating performance, and identifying and leading new business opportunities for the benefit of the organization.

You can count on Dorna Taylor to assist you on the following:

  • Business registration
  • Document and Contract Review
  • Partnerships, Merger and Dissolutions
  • Property Acquisition
  • Litigation


Dorna Taylor understands that people do fall on hard times, and she is here to assist. She has represented various clients during the application and litigation processes of bankruptcy cases depending on their individual circumstances, and has helped them make a brand-new start.

We provide services related to the filing and processing of the following:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Prior to your engagement, Dorna Taylor offers free consultation on which path would best work for you. She will present you with all legal options available and assist you with completing the paperwork, saving you time and easing your mind of stress from the get-go.

Intellectual Property

We respect and value your creativity, but with the advent of technology and the ease of sharing information online, copyright and trademark issues have been more challenging than ever. With these in mind, Dorna Taylor is ready to help you protect your most important creative outputs for the years to come.

Among our services pertaining to intellectual property are:

  • Trademark registration and licensing
  • Copyright registration and licensing
  • Cease and Desist proceedings

Religious Organizations and Non-Profit Institutions

In achieving their distinct commitments, religious and non-profit organizations may encounter legal disputes. Dorna Taylor recognizes your need to have a responsive legal partner that will offer sound legal assistance regarding the issues that involve your organization, while being sensitive and respectful of your unique missions.

To help you achieve the balance between achieving your institutional goals and maintaining true to your organizational ideals, Dorna Taylor offers the following services:

  • Creation and review of by-laws
  • Tax-related consultation and processes
  • Creation and implementation of policies and code-of-conduct
  • Real estate acquisition and leasing
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Sports Law

With over eight years of experience as Senior Vice President for Legal and Business Affairs of Dr. J Enterprises, Dorna Taylor is one of the most competent attorneys in the field who can understand the legal challenges that may arise within amateur and professional sports organizations. With her help, you are assured that your sports brand is in good hands.

Dorna Taylor is qualified to provide the best legal solutions in relation with the following:

  • Acquisition and joint ventures
  • Branding and brand management
  • Creation and review of contracts
  • Media representation and crisis management
  • Arbitration and Litigation